Digital Redesign & Rearchitecture: Delphi Automotive


Today, it’s not just important to craft a good message and story, but communication professionals must also understand how to write for search engines, social media and mobile device platforms.DelphiCom Redesign

Starting June 2013, I led a team to develop Delphi’s digital strategy, overhaul its website infrastructure and implemented responsive design for mobile.

This opened the way for Delphi to engage in a true content strategy approach. Additionally, this led the way for better search engine optimization (SEO) and internationalization.


  • New design using responsive design for mobile.
  • Reduced operational costs over 25%.
  • Increased traffic by 37%.
  • Improved search traffic by 30%.


Delphi Drive: Delphi Automotive


During the first quarter of 2015, Delphi Automotive embarked upon a cross-country road trip in a vehicle equipped with Delphi’s autonomous driving technology. The communication team supporting this trip had limited experience using the web for an integrated communication approach.Delphi Drive Page

To assist, I pulled content pieces on a daily basis from various Delphi social media outlets, news releases, emails and internal stories to develop the Delphi Drive Webpage content, recapping the progress each day.


  • Page layout was done without agency support due to web templates installed with redesign.
  • Social media integration for video and images to encourage social sharing.
  • Daily content updates without external agency involvement.


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