Dow Services Business | Recognition Program and Letter
The Dow Chemical Company

Leadership within the Dow Services Business wanted a recognition program for its
employees. For this, I developed the Enabling Customer Success award program and criteria, oversaw the award design and developed the recognition letter templates.

Each recipient was presented with the award at the quarterly communication meetings held by the business’ leadership.

The opening paragraph of each letter was unique to the recipient and was written by me, based on submitted comments in the nomination, for approval by the leadership team.


Dow Water Solutions | Safety Calendar
The Dow Chemical Company


The Edina, Minnesota manufacturing plant for Dow’s reverse osmosis membranes was experiencing a high amount of injuries at the site. Most employees in the plant did not have access to a computer, making email and intranet communications ineffective. Safety Calendar - Dow

We needed a creative approach to make safety awareness highly visible.

Working with HR, I developed a safety calendar program for the manufacturing site. The calendars showcased employees who worked without a safety incident for at least one year.

Each person on the calendar was asked to state why safety is important to them. We then used their quote to ensure authenticity of message.


  • This became a “pull” communication tool with employees requesting additional calendars.
  • Calendars were voluntarily hung in workspaces throughout the plant.
  • A safety mindset was reinforced with content created by the plant’s employees.
  • Employees requested to be included in upcoming versions, working safely for inclusion.