Technical Service Example – Ekocite Architectural Design

The Ekocite Architectural Design firm in Royal Oak, Michigan, was looking for a way to boost its search results. The firm was also looking for a way to explain their services to prospective clients. To assist in this effort, I conducted a website and content audit, including search results for future optimization efforts.

This resulted in a Phase 1 project to overhaul their website’s main page content and build out a services section to assist in explaining the architectural design process.

The project consisted of a series of interviews to get the owner to explain her business approach, customer demographics, services offered and the design process. This was then used to develop a double-sided resource document for potential clients to know what a project will entail.

Once the project was completed, Ekocite had a new services section for the three types of design projects it specializes. This section also included an overview of their Four-Step Approach and Service Listing to assist in sales to prospective clients.


Web Writing Example – Delphi Drive: Delphi Automotive


During the first quarter of 2015, Delphi Automotive embarked upon a cross-country road trip in a vehicle equipped with Delphi’s autonomous driving technology. The communication team supporting this trip had limited experience using the web for an integrated communication approach.

To assist, I pulled content pieces on a daily basis from various Delphi social media outlets, news releases, emails and internal stories to develop the Delphi Drive Webpage content, recapping the progress each day.


  • Page layout was done without agency support due to new web templates.
  • Social media integration for video and images was used to encourage social sharing.
  • Daily content updates completed without external agency involvement.


Case Study Example – Dow Services Business


The Dow Services Business was created to help The Dow Chemical Company’s divested businesses and joint ventures ramp up operations quickly. This was done by offering business, technical and manufacturing expertise and support from Dow people and processes.

Working with the vice president of Public Affairs at Styron, now Trinseo, and the Dow Services Business team, I developed the following case study for use with existing and potential customers.

The case study was well received by the account managers from Dow who were charged with finding new opportunities to sell business services.

You can download the full case study here: The Benefits of Transition Services in a Divestiture: Styron.


Newsletter Example – Around Dow Community Newsletter

Crisis Communication Doesn’t Always Happen in a Crisis

Part of doing crisis communication is ensuring all stakeholders are aware of plans and approaches ahead of any issue that may happen. One of the key stakeholders at a chemical manufacturing site is the community that lives near it. A media channel we had available to us at Dow’s Midland manufacturing site was a newsletter called Around Dow. In my role as media relations manager, with responsibility for crisis communication, I developed communication plans and community information. One of these stories focused on the training Dow’s emergency responders went through, along with community first responders, to be as prepared as possible in case a crisis event arose.